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We are an exciting new website that produces educational videos and live revision webinars to help students build their confidence and work towards securing top marks in the long answer questions.

Students will gain an understanding of how to break down and decipher a range of questions across a range of PE specifications. By experiencing and repeating this process with different exam questions students should be able to access and achieve high marks. This has been highlighted as a common problem nationally through enhanced results analysis.

Explore the site to learn more, and get in touch with any questions.

Check out our Youtube Channel for sample videos:


Learn how to breakdown and structure extended questions using our IDEAS process which should increase confidence to tackle any question in the exam.


Monitor student progress against individual target grades using our teacher tracking sheets. Identify gaps in student knowledge and use as evidence for raising standards meetings.


All videos are exam board specific and are available to watch at your own pace on all devices. Videos have a light blue background aimed to reduce visual stress for the viewer.


We can provide staff training on an individual basis, department or whole school level. We will tailor the training to meet your specific needs and it can be delivered as INSET or online webinars.


Watch the videos at any time on any of your devices. Pause, play, rewind and make notes and by doing this over and over again will help to build up your knowledge. These videos will show you how to break down those really long questions on your exam papers and how to structure the perfect answer to achieve full marks.


Be a facilitator in your students' learning and allow them be the best learners they can be, use the videos as an aid to your teaching and enable students to hopefully access high marks in extended exam questions. Let us take the pressure off you and relieve your workload with access to tracking systems with automated RAG coding.

Hannah Maciw Bohunt School Wokingham

QEHS PE Dept QEHS, Gainsborough, Lincs

Liskeard School PE Dept Liskeard School & Community College, Cornwall

Heyford Park Free School PE Department Heyford Park Free School PE Dept, Bicester

Natalie Stride Natalie Stride, Bournemouth Collegiate School

“The site looks great and the content is so good and easy to follow. Students can easily watch the videos in their own time and space and simply access the quiz to test their knowledge.”

Adam Jones Adam Jones, Kantor King Solomon High School

“We are so grateful for the access to this fantastic site. The video tutorials are clear and concise and take students through the content in a practical and logical way that is straightforward for them to understand. The use of the 9 mark questions is also a great way to introduce the topic and make links to the longer answer questions. Overall a fantastic resource that will definitely help us over the coming weeks and months.”

Emma Rose Emma Rose, Head of PE, Gordano School

“Fantastic service, very adaptable and quick to respond. Our students enjoyed listening to the videos over the Christmas holiday to get them ready for their exam”

Faye Engelbrecht Faye Engelbrecht, Moulsham High School, Founder of Essex PE Conference

“Thank You!! The videos are great!”

Mr D Keogh Mr D Keogh, Headteacher, Lincoln

“Excellent work today. Kids really enjoyed the live stream. Massively supports their understanding for the unit.”

@stewardsgh @stewardsgh, Twitter.com

“Awesome, engaging material that made it easy to watch and to understand.”

K.Bray K.Bray, Lincoln